Are you a company that sells products? You might have heard that you need an e-commerce website. You probably heard it from Ndolena Design or anyone, really.

What this means for you.

We have studied the mind of small business entrepreneur and understood that the majority of them is risk-averse. This means that they take minimal risks just to test out the investment. Companies like Ndolena Design give small business owners options based on what they can start with. If you are a start-up, you most likely do not want to invest a significant portion of your money on just a website.

Okay, sounds accurate, but what is Ndolena Design proposing then?

Well, in this instance, instead of you having to spend thousands of rands for us to build you an e-commerce website, let’s start with smaller items such as a digital and print catalogue, business card, and flyer. The digital catalogue, business card, and flyer are PDF files you can share digitally with your preferred audience: this can be via email or WhatsApp or whichever platform allows you to share PDFs. The great thing about the digital catalogue is that your customers will be able to “scroll” through your products as they would on an e-commerce website. Amazing, isn’t it?

Your options…

As we mentioned before, we want to offer you choices to make. So if you are settled now with the digital versions of these documents, that is fine. If you wish to get them printed, let’s say you are at an exhibition or seminar and you want to share these cards or catalogues with attendees, then printing them is probably the best way to go. Now you have some options to consider before building a website.

Now what?

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