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Online Growth

What we mean by “Online Growth” is using various methods to ensure your online success. This depends on what your goals are. As an example, you might want to be known as the best seller of your products in your local area or you want to be the first company people see when they surf online. The internet is an amazing and vast world which even we are still amazed by what we discover. And we would like to assist you in this journey.

Business Websites

Below are the business website services we can offer. Click on the below packages to see which one fits your needs best.

Personal website

This can be used by you for your personal branding. This is important for business owners because your clients want to know about the person running the business. This website is perfect for entrepreneurs.

Company profile website

This is for the companies that would like to introduce themselves to their viewers in an interactive and dynamic way. All the important information about the company is listed in this website.

Advanced company website

Everything is included in the company profile website plus more customised options and functionalities. More features are included to make this website unique and most importantly, effective for the company.

Online Store

Do you have items you would like your visitors to buy? We will transform your current store into an online store also known as an e-commerce website. Click on the below packages to see which one fits your needs best.

Start-up online store

You have recently launched your shop and would like to gain more customers online? This is the perfect package for you! It will make your marketing work even easier. Contact us so we can discuss this further.

Advanced online store

Your store is already well known and has a stable revenue. Now you would like to increase the number of sales. We can assist you with this. Select this package if you intend on increasing your sales.

Premium online store

This is for stores that have an established presence on local as well as national levels. This package is the best fit for your company if you would like to expand operations in order to reach even more customers nationally.

Digital Advertising.

Remember that websites are not the final step to online success. You still need to implement more methods to ensure long term success. One of the methods is called Digital Advertising. Just like traditional advertising but this time it’s about gaining more clients online. Please contact us for online advertising.

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If the service you are looking for is not listed above, please contact us so we can assist you.

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Ndolena® is a digital marketing agency that offers innovative info-graphic designs and manages highly advanced marketing campaigns for world-class companies. We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ndolena Design (pty) ltd. is a proud B-BBEE Level 1 (135%) contributor .

We assist our clients in achieving their marketing goals by developing a great image for their company, as well as reaching their target markets. This is done through branding and online growth.

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The Ndolena™ Team is certified by Google Analytics, Google Digital Skills, as well as many coding languages certificates such as JavaScript, C++, HTML, CSS, Java and Python. This is combined with more than 5 years of experience in this business. Moreover, the reviews we get testify for us.