SEO Services

SEO Services

One of the only ways to get your site ranking at the top of search engine results is by making use of professional SEO services.

At Ndolena, we pride ourselves in being the premium SEO agency in Johannesburg, and we offer comprehensive search engine optimisation services.

Sound SEO Practices

As SEO experts in Johannesburg, the SEO team at Ndolena prides themselves in using sound SEO practices. What do we mean by this? We use SEO practices that are sustainable and add long-term value to your site.  Some of the practices that we implement include:

  • Relevant keyword placement
  • Quality backlinks
  • Page speed optimisation
  • Blogging services

We ensure that your site is working in optimal condition and we focus on bringing your site to the top of search engine results using desired keywords.

Customised SEO Strategy

No two brands are exactly alike, and that is why we create customised SEO strategies for each of the brands that we work with. We take into account your target audience and the type of products and services you offer when coming up with our strategies and deciding on keywords.

Unlike other search engine marketing agencies, we use a solid mixture of tried and tested SEO methods alongside unique and innovative strategies, created specifically for your brand and website. We want your site operating at peak performance and use our custom SEO strategies.


SEO Analytics

In addition to implementing SEO tactics to bring more potential customers to your site, we also run in-depth analytics to assess which strategies are working, and which areas need extra attention.
We use a variety of analytic applications to ensure that we get an accurate view of the success of our SEO strategies. We also send you a SEO report every month so you can stay updated on your site’s progress to the top!

Analytics are a very powerful tool in tweaking SEO strategy so that our SEO methods fit your brand perfectly.

Looking for a professional SEO company in Johannesburg that can help you fully optimise your website? Get in touch with Ndolena today to start your SEO journey with us!

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Ndolena is a digital marketing agency that offers innovative info-graphic designs and manages highly advanced marketing campaigns  for world class companies. We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our promise? To make your customers look back when they see your billboard, logo, flyer, adverts or even gain conversions on your website.

Lastly we are committed to serving you with a personalized campaign that focuses in acquiring new customers for your business. 

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The Ndolena Team is certified by Google Analytics, Google Digital Skills, as well as many coding languages certificates such as JavaScript, C++, HTML, CSS, Java and Python.